What is the Laboratory of Innovation Quito (LINQ)?

LINQ is a space for dialogue and direct collaboration between citizens, local and international organizations, colleges, as well as public and private entities; with the purpose of co-creating and implementing high impact of solutions to address the Quito’s most pressing issues.  LINQ is an innovation booster with a strong focus on Intelligent Cities, under a participatory, open, collaborative and transparent framework.

Its mission is to promote the culture of an innovation and co-creation, facilitating the participation of multidisciplinary actors who can contribute with research, methodologies and solutions to benefit our citizens on key themes oriented around social, urban and transportation development.

LINQ is an initiative promoted by the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito through the Secretariat General of Planning, as part of the current institutional policies of Open Government.

Open Government is a policy of responsible government that promotes the construction of an intelligent urban environment for its people.



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