LINQ’s principles are based on the Open Government basic pillars which are:


To provide municipal management information, action plans and data sources in order to report back to citizens.

To promote the right of citizens to participate in the design, implementation and evaluation of municipal management and public policies, recognizing that the municipality and society in general can widely benefit from the knowledge, ideas and experience of citizens to solve local problems.

To engage and involve citizens and other social agents in the effort to work together to solve Quito’s problems.


LINQ’s main objectives are:


To strengthen the initiative of Quito’s Municipality Open Government policies, by making active use of the three information platforms: My City, Open Data and Open Government.

To provide physical and digital media as well as methodologies to strengthen collaboration processes between citizens, companies, associations and other actors.

To promote the principles of open innovation, co-creation and public participation to design and test high-impact solutions for specific problems of Quito.


LINQ’s culture is based on the TEST concept:



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