Frequently Asked Questions


They are physical spaces that have the tools and equipment needed to carry out experiments, research or works of scientific or technical nature.


Innovation is a change that involves a novelty. It’s to produce and successfully exploit an idea of any kind, to bring new solutions to problems and thus to respond to the needs of people and society.

They are open spaces that enable collaboration between the public, private and academic sectors, NGOs and civil society to jointly seek innovative solutions to specific problems.

The need to create an Innovation Lab in Quito lies in the collective desire to find solutions to the city and encourage direct dialogue and collaboration with citizens.

LINQ seeks to co-manage the construction of a better city not only for people but with people. In this process, it looks forward to expand the role of public institutions so they can generate these experiences that demonstrate a genuine desire to carry out participatory projects and contribute effectively to the quality of life of our city’s inhabitants.


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