Open Challenge


It is a network of 30 leaders under 30 years old, from various disciplines who actively contribute to their city. This global network is part of an initiative of the Canadian organization Youthful Cities and it is currently present in several cities around the world.

What is the objetive?

  • Activation of data and knowledge gained through the Youthful Cities Index.
  • Encourage the youth of the city to assess Quito under a perception survey.
  • To be active members of Innovation Lab Quito.

What is going to be achieved?

Generate ideas that aim to improve city life of its youth to live work and play in a more secure and inclusive fashion.

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Youthful Cities


Youthful cities is a global initiative that seeks to identify the 100 most youthful cities in the world. The report involves analyzing 20 major urban indicators for young people using quantifiable data about cities related to: culture, employment, travel, security, traffic, health, digital access, music, cinema, public spaces, among others.

Based on the success of the 2014 Youthful Cities, Quito’s Municipality contacted the organization to generate social innovations for Quito’s youth, becoming the first municipality that works directly with this initiative.

LINQ is responsible for strengthening the relationship with this organization and plans to develop various components of work to be executed during this year.

Read the report of the 2015 Youth Cities here:

The Municipality of Quito, through the Secretariat General of Planning, its Innovation Lab Quito (LINQ), and the Secretariat of Productive Development and Competitiveness and its Economic Promotion Corporation CONQUITO, launched “InnovaQuito” project which promotes entrepreneurship and innovation to generate new economic opportunities for citizens and solutions to address city problems.

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